Vice President


New Haven, Connecticut

The Holy Name Society is one of the oldest Christian organizations in the world. Its primary objective is to do honor to the most Holy Name of Jesus through acts of reverence, love and charitable works. Blessed John of Vercelli formed the Holy Name Society in 1274 AD at the request of Pope Gregory X. Father Charles H. McKenna  first established the Society in North America in 1896, with permission from Pope Leo XIII. In 1969, the National Association of the Holy Name Society was formed to unite all parishes in a common body.

Our History

The Holy Name Society is an association of Catholic men dedicated to honoring the name of Jesus and the sanctification of its members. The Holy Name Society promotes respect for the Church, loyalty to the parish, and a spiritual life that values faith, family, education, and a strong work ethic. 

Our Mission

The Holy Name Society is committed to helping its members grow in holiness through devotion to the most Holy Name of Jesus. Members of this fraternity are called to be leaders, to cleanse themselves in the sacrament of penance, strengthen themselves with the most Holy Eucharist, nourish their souls on Sacred Scripture, increase their desire for divine love through prayer, and lead their families, friends, and coworkers to Christ Jesus by their acts of charity and piety.

If you are a Catholic over the age of 18, please consider joining the Holy Name Society – join your prayers with others so that the Most Holy Name of Jesus can be venerated – our prayers will be heard!

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